Driving Instructions

Driving Instructions from Tel Aviv (after the Atlit exit on Highway 2)

  1. Turn off the Tel Aviv/Haifa coastal Highway 2 at the first exit for Haifa (signposted Haifa South, MATAM, Tirat Hacarmel, Beach, and in another sign – Technion).
  2. At the exit, you turn right. Get into the left-hand lane. Make a left turn at the 1st traffic lights after the exit. You are now on Flieman Street. You will pass the Haifa Mall (Canyon Haifa) and Castra Mall on your right and the Congress Center on your left.
  3. Go straight through two sets of traffic lights and drive up the Carmel mountain for 3 km. Half-way up the road is renamed Weinshal and renamed again Freud Street towards the top. Near the top of the hill, drive straight through another set of traffic lights.
  4. At the top of the hill, Freud St. ends with a T-junction with traffic lights. At the junction, there are two lanes for turning left, and one slip lane for turning right. As you approach these lights, stay in the center lane. At the lights, make a left turn and an immediate right turn at the next lights onto Pica Road. Mercaz Horev Shopping Center is on your immediate right.
  5. Driving down Pica Road, you will drive through four sets of traffic lights. Stay in the right-hand lane as you approach the yellow Paz gas station, and exit right down the slip lane, which is signposted Nawe Sha’anan, Technion.
  6. Continue straight on this road (Hankin), driving under a bridge, then move into the left lane and drive through a short tunnel. Please note: buses cannot use the tunnel, and should maintain the right lane.
  7. After the underpass tunnel, move over to the right-hand lane, and turn right into Komoly Street, signposted (orange) Technion, BEFORE the upcoming traffic lights.
  8. Drive up Komoly St. for about 200 m and veer left through the traffic lights onto Malal St.
  9. Continue straight to the Technion campus on the middle lane entering through the main Technion gate.
  10. Past the guarded entrance, take the middle road. Take the third turning on the right to the Coler-California Visitors Center.

Driving Instructions from Yagur (roads 70,75,752)

  1. Turn off Highway 75 at Yagur Junction (Route 752, signposted Haifa via Nesher, Yagur). After 500m you will see the entrance to Kibbutz Yagur on your left; the road makes a sharp right bend.
  2. Pass a gas station (under construction), and the Nesher factory on your right.
  3. Continue straight on Bar-Yehuda Rd. At the 3rd lights (you will see a yellow Paz gas station on your right) turn left, onto Perez, signposted Technion, Nawe Sha’anan.
  4. Go through traffic lights, bear right onto Yael St., that further along changes its name to Zahal St. Continue straight up the mountain (approx. 2 km.) until the next lights.
  5. Approaching the lights, take the left lane, and turn left (not sharp left) to enter the Technion campus by the guarded Eastern Gate.
  6. You will have traveled 5.5 km from Yagur Junction to Technion.
  7. Once you have entered the Technion campus, turn left. take the second turning on the left to the Coler-California Visitors Center.