Medical Systems CenterAutonomous Medical Systems - An important field for highly autonomous systems is in telemedicine, where specialists will be able to perform treatments at remote sites and have robotic assistants perform simple procedures such as handing surgical tools, sanitizing, etc., saving expensive and scarce human nurses and assistants. Other applications include helping the aged and infirm by carrying burdens and supporting the patients. This will enable round-the-clock observation and rapid reaction to crisis and long term medical issues.


Call for Proposals – November 2014

Call for Proposals


A Patient-Specific Biomechanical Model of Musculoskeletal Conditions Implemented in a Home-Use Autonomous Robotic Rehabilitation System


Autonomous tele-care robot for assisting independent elderly who live at home


Autonomous Endoscopy Based on Photometric 3D Sensing and Guidance Control and Viscous-Elastic Propulsion Mechanism