Membership of TASP is comprised of  over 80 faculty members from the following faculties: Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering ,Computer Science, Education in Science & Technology ,Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Mechanical Engineering and  Medicine.


  • Weihs, Daniel, Distinguished Professor, Head of TASP|+972 77 887 3806|Email of Weihs, Daniel
  • Kimmel, Ron, Professor, Head of TASP's Graduate Committee|+972 77 887 4616|Email of Kimmel, Ron


Academic Staff

Ben-Haim, Yakov, Professor
Bitterman, Noemi, Associate Professor
Bucher, Izhak, Professor
Degani, Amir, Associate Professor
Domshlak, Carmel, Professor
Dori, Dov, Professor
Drimer, Nitai, Associate Professor
Elad, Michael, Professor
Fishbain, Barak, Associate Professor
Friedman, Roy, Professor
Gat, Amir, Associate Professor
Gilboa, Guy, Associate Professor
Gottlieb, Oded, Professor
Grunwald, Arthur, Associate Professor, Retired
Gurfil, Pini, Professor
Gutman, Per-Olof, Professor Emeritus
Haddad, Jack, Associate Professor
Halevi, Yoram, Professor
Hazan, Tamir, Senior Lecturer
Horowitz-Kraus, Tzipi, Senior Lecturer
Indelman, Vadim, Associate Professor
Iosilevskii, Gil, Associate Professor
Karpas, Erez, Associate Professor
Katz, Reuven, Associate Professor, Retired
Keidar, Idit, Professor
Kimmel, Ron, Professor, TASP Graduate Committee
Kutten, Shay, Professor
Landesberg, Amir, Associate Professor
Laufer, Shlomi, Senior Lecturer
Leshansky, Alexander, Associate Professor
Leviatan, Yehuda, Professor
Levin, Asaf, Associate Professor
Levy, Kfir, Senior Lecturer
Linker, Raphael, Associate Professor
Lotan, Noah, Professor Emeritus
Meir, Ron, Professor
Moses, Yoram, Professor
Or, Yizhar, Associate Professor
Orda, Ariel, Professor
Oshman, Yaakov, Professor
Parush, Avi, Associate Professor
Penn, Michal, Associate Professor
Rand, Omri, Professor Emeritus
Raz, Danny, Professor
Rimon, Elon, Associate Professor
Rittel, Daniel, Professor
Rivlin, Ehud, Professor
Salzman, Oren, Senior Lecturer
Schechner, Yoav, Professor
Schiller, Jackie, Professor
Shachnai, Hadas, Professor
Shima, Tal, Professor
Shimkin, Nahum, Professor
Shmueli, Oded, Professor
Shmulevich, Itzhak, Professor Emeritus
Smorodinsky, Rann, Associate Professor
Stalnov, Oksana, Assistant Professor
Strichman, Ofer, Professor
Sznitman, Josue, Associate Professor
Talmon, Ronen, Associate Professor
Tamar, Aviv, Senior Lecturer
Verner, Igor, Professor
Weihs, Daniel, Distinguished Professor, Head of TASP
Wolf, Alon, Professor
Yaniv, Yael, Associate Professor
Yudilevitch, Gil, Associate Professor
Zacksenhouse, Miriam, Associate Professor
Zelazo, Daniel, Associate Professor

Graduate Students

Abu, Yizhak, M.Sc Email of Abu, YizhakSupervisors: Rivlin, Ehud
"Neural-Network Control of a Drone with Non-standard Performance Objectives"
Alpert, Shmuel, M.Sc Email of Alpert, ShmuelSupervisors: Salzman, Oren; Klein, Itzik
"UAV Inspection Planning in GNSS-Outages Regions "
Ashkenazi, Shahar, M.Sc Email of Ashkenazi, ShaharSupervisor: Zelazo, Daniel
Assor, Kfir, M.Sc Email of Assor, KfirSupervisor: Haddad, Jack
"Congestion Control for Large-Scale Low-Altitude City Air Transport Networks"
Barenboim, Moran, Ph.D Email of Barenboim, MoranSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"General Qualitative Belief Space Planning"
Bezalel, Hana-Hen, M.Sc Email of Bezalel, Hana-HenSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Clarke, Anna, Ph.D Email of Clarke, AnnaSupervisor: Gutman, Per-Olof
"An Automatic Control System for Training Complex Kinesthetic Skills"
Elba, Aharon, ME Email of Elba, AharonSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Elbaum, Almog, ME Email of Elbaum, AlmogSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Elimelech, Khen, Ph.D Email of Elimelech, KhenSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Efficient Decision Making under Uncertainty Using Belief Sparsification"
Elmakis, Oren, Ph.D Email of Elmakis, OrenSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"Heterogenous Robotic Team for Mapping and Localization of Hazardous Air Pollution Events"
Farhi, Elad, Ph.D Email of Farhi, EladSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Joint Incremental Inference and Belief Space Planning for Online Operations of Autonomous Systems"
Fichmann Levital, Maya, M.Sc Email of Fichmann Levital, MayaSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
"Deep neural network Low Dose Reconstruction for Hybrid PET/CT scans"
Gaathon, Adar, Ph.D Email of Gaathon, AdarSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"Development of an Optimal Robotic Leg by Using Minimalistic Control Methods to Increase the Robustness of a Running Robot"
Gershov, Sapir, M.Sc Email of Gershov, SapirSupervisor: Laufer, Shlomi
"Autonomous Medical Simulators"
Glanz, Ido, ME Email of Glanz, IdoSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
"Story-telling robotic teddy-bear with an LTL constrained reinforcement and imitation learning algorithms designed to maximize children's interaction and attention"
Halamish, Omer, ME Email of Halamish, OmerSupervisor: Rimon, Elon
"Improvement for coverage algorithm (BSA) for autonomous robot, based on recursive implementation, and build of random test environments"
Hazan, Sher, M.Sc Email of Hazan, SherSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
Hoffman, Or, M.Sc Email of Hoffman, OrSupervisor: Zacksenhouse, Miriam
"Adaptive Impedance Control for Flexible Seals Assembly"
Hurwitz, Dror, M.Sc Email of Hurwitz, DrorSupervisors: Klein, Itzik ; Filin, Sagi
"Autonomous Mapping Using Quadcopter Formation"
Ivanov, Michael, ME Email of Ivanov, MichaelSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
Kozlovsky, Shir, M.Sc Email of Kozlovsky, ShirSupervisor: Zacksenhouse, Miriam
"Learning Impedance Control to Assemble Linear Deformable Objects "
Lev Yehudi, Idan, M.Sc Email of Lev Yehudi, IdanSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Levy, Rotem, M.Sc Email of Levy, RotemSupervisor: Haddad, Jack
"Autonomous Vehicles Motion Planning and Control without Lanes"
Levy-Or, Ohad, M.Sc Email of Levy-Or, OhadSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
Madar, Nitzan, M.Sc Email of Madar, NitzanSupervisor: Salzman, Oren
"Leveraging Experience in Multi-Agent Path Finding"
Makmal, Nitzan, M.Sc Email of Makmal, NitzanSupervisor: Degani, Amir
Man, Sean, M.Sc Email of Man, SeanSupervisor: Elad, Michael
"High-Perceptual Quality JPEG Decoding via Prosterior Sampling"
Marcovici, Avi, M.Sc Email of Marcovici, AviSupervisors: Or, Yizhar; Wolf, Alon
"Investigating kinematic and dynamic locomotion of snake robot, incorporating intermittent frictional contacts and ground friction"
Mizrachi, Ofer, ME Email of Mizrachi, OferSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Newman, Elad, M.Sc Email of Newman, EladSupervisor: Zacksenhouse, Miriam
"Machine Learnung of Compliant Control for Assembly of Industrial Connectors"
Nir, Omer, Ph.D Email of Nir, OmerSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"Reactive Planning for Dynamic Legged Maneuvers Using Motion Primitive Library"
Nir, Ronen, Ph.D Email of Nir, RonenSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
"Coordinating Multiple Autonomous Agents with Social Laws "
Novikov, Daniel, M.Sc Email of Novikov, DanielSupervisor: Zacksenhouse, Miriam
"Autonomous Assembly of LDOs Using Data-Driven Methods "
Nusbaum, Uriel, Ph.D Email of Nusbaum, UrielSupervisor: Gurfil, Pini
"Vision-Based Satellite Thrust Estimation for Autonomous Orbit Determination and Control "
Paul, Noah, M.Sc Email of Paul, NoahSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"Design of a Multitask Spiral Leg for Robust Dynamic Locomotion on Unknown Terrain"
Pevzner, Alexei, M.Sc Email of Pevzner, AlexeiSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"Motion Planning with Center of Gravity Restriction for a Dual-Arm Mobile Manipulator"
Pinsky, Doron, M.Sc Email of Pinsky, DoronSupervisor: Salzman, Oren
"Efficient Near-Optimal Motion Planning for Minimal-Time Curvature-Constrained Systems"
Preger, Michal, M.Sc Email of Preger, MichalSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
Pukshansky, Michael, M.Sc Email of Pukshansky, MichaelSupervisors: Or, Yizhar; Gat, Amir
"Experimental Study of Actuation and Locomotion in Minimally Controlled Fluid-Driven Soft Robotics"
Raz Goldfarb, Adi, M.Sc Email of Raz Goldfarb, AdiSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Reich, Chen, M.Sc Email of Reich, ChenSupervisor: Or, Yizhar
Rotem, Guy, M.Sc Email of Rotem, GuySupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Rotman, Gilad, M.Sc Email of Rotman, GiladSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Incremental Non-Gaussian Belief Space Planning in High-Dimensional State Spaces"
Rovner, Dar, ME Email of Rovner, DarSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
Salem, Lior, Ph.D Email of Salem, LiorSupervisors: Or, Yizhar; Gat, Amir
"Development of Legged Soft Robot Actuated by Flow in an Embedded Channel Network "
Segall, Ilana, Ph.D Supervisor: Bruckstein, Alfred M.
" Broadcast control of swarms "
Shalumov, Vitaly, Ph.D Email of Shalumov, VitalySupervisor: Shima, Tal
"Cooperative Guidance for Active Aircraft Protection "
Shelly, Ohad, M.Sc Email of Shelly, OhadSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Computationally Efficient Multimodal Perception and Belief Space Planning "
Shemesh, Ari, ME Email of Shemesh, AriSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Shender, Alexander, ME Email of Shender, AlexanderSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Shi, Jiacheng, M.Sc Supervisor: Zelazo, Daniel
Shienman, Moshe, Ph.D Email of Shienman, MosheSupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Focused Topological Belief Space Planning "
Shitrit, Shlomi, M.Sc Email of Shitrit, ShlomiSupervisor: Degani, Amir
Shoshana, Soof, M.Sc Email of Shoshana, SoofSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Spinner, Alon, M.Sc Email of Spinner, AlonSupervisor: Degani, Amir
"BIM-based Indoor Pose Estimation with RGB-D Cameras"
Sudry, Matan, Ph.D Email of Sudry, MatanSupervisors: Karpas, Erez; Tamar, Aviv
"Planning and Deep Learning"
Taitler, Ayal, Ph.D Email of Taitler, AyalSupervisors: Karpas, Erez; Gutman, Per-Olof
"A Method for Combined Planning and Control for Hybrid Domains "
Vaksman, Yaacov, ME Email of Vaksman, YaacovSupervisor: Degani, Amir
Vaysberg, Guy, ME Email of Vaysberg, GuySupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Weinberg, Orr, ME Email of Weinberg, OrrSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Weissman, Yochai, M.Sc Email of Weissman, YochaiSupervisor: Laufer, Shlomi
"Frailty State Estimation for Adaptive Autonomous Homes"
Weksler, Matan, ME Email of Weksler, MatanSupervisor: Karpas, Erez
"Story-telling robotic teddy-bear with an LTL constrained reinforcement and imitation learning algorithms designed to maximize children's interaction and attention"
Yaari, Ohad, ME Email of Yaari, OhadSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Yatziv, Yotam, M.Sc Email of Yatziv, YotamSupervisor: Haddad, Jack
"Automatic Train and Passengers Flow Control in Rail Systems under Cyber Attacks"
Zameret, Tal, ME Email of Zameret, TalSupervisor: Kimmel, Ron
Zhitnikov, Andrey, Ph.D Email of Zhitnikov, AndreySupervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"simplification for efficient decision making"



Amitai, Yotam, M.Sc |Supervisor: Karpas, Erez
"Automatic Generation of Choice-Applicable Plans for Human Robot Interactions"
Barenboim, Moran, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Steerable Burrowing Robot: Design, Modeling and Experiments"
Fonaryov, Mark, M.Sc |Supervisor: Lindenbaum, Michael
"In Search of the Minimal Recognizable Patch "
Kopitkov, Dmitry, Ph.D |Supervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Deep Probabilistic Inference and Information Recovery"
Puzev, Alexander, M.Sc |Supervisor: Gurfil, Pini
"Modelling and Control of a Variable-mass CubeSat Reaction Wheel"
Rabinovich, Roman, M.Sc |Supervisor: Kimmel, Ron
"Coded Beacons for Localization, Object Tracking and SLAM Augmentation"
Rivlin, Or, M.Sc |Supervisors: Karpas, Erez; Hazan, Tamir
"End to End Learning of Planning Algorithms"
Zak, Idan, M.Sc |Supervisors: Katz, Reuven; Klein, Itzik
"Improving Autonomous Platforms INS Alignment Process using Machine Learning Methods"


Gur, Doron, M.Sc |Supervisor: Gutman, Per-Olof
"MIMO Modeling, QFT Control Design and Optimal Obstacle Avoidance Path Planner for an AUV"
Josef, Shirel, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Unknown Rough Terrain"
Kaufman, Omri, M.Sc |Supervisor: Gurfil, Pini
" Space Navigation with an Omni-Directional Vision Sensor "
Rotem, Yair, ME |Supervisor: Stalnov, Oksana
"Electric Motor Controller Designing Modelling and Simulating"
Rubin, Daniel Yitzhak, Ph.D |Supervisor: Gutman, Per-Olof
"Vehicle Active Suspension Applications for Lateral Disturbances Attenuation and Safety"
Salmon, Or, ME |Supervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Full SLAM using GTSAM and ORB-SLAM2 engine"
Shalev, Omer, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Robot Navigating in Orchards using Top-View Imagery "
Shinder, Gil, ME |Supervisor: Katz, Reuven
"Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Mission Planning and Management Algorithms"


Barel, Ariel, Ph.D |Supervisor: Bruckstein, Alfred M.
"Gathering and Steering Swarms"
Cooper, Anton, M.Sc |Supervisor: Rand, Omri
"The Aeromechanics of an Autonomous Multi-Multirotor UAVs System for Payload Transportation"
Horesh, Haim, ME |Supervisor: Katz, Reuven
Mi, La, Ph.D |Supervisor: Gottlieb, Oded
"Nonlinear Dynamics and Stabilization of a Multi-Tethered Spherical Aerostat in Severe Environmental Conditions"
Tibi, Gal, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Design of Thin, Multi-Layered, Electrically Driven, Thermal Expansion Based Actuators for Soft Robotic Applications "
Tsukerman, Alexander, M.Sc |Supervisor: Shima, Tal
"Trajectory Planning and Guidance for Civil Autonomous Aerial Refueling "


Ben Shaul, Ron, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Examination and Comparison of Mapping and Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Vehicle in Orchards"
Chojnacki, Michael, M.Sc |Supervisors: Indelman, Vadim; Rivlin, Ehud
"Vision-Based Target Trajectory and Ego-Motion Estimation Using Incremental Light Bundle Adjustment"
Dviri, Ran, ME |Supervisor: Gottlieb, Oded
"Nonlinear Dynamics and Stability of an Autonomous Quadrotor Array under Severe Environmental Conditions"
Kagan, Guy, M.Sc |Supervisor: Weihs, Daniel
"Propulsion System for Autonomous Vessels using Oscillating Foils "
Kopitkov, Dmitry, M.Sc |Supervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Efficient Belief Space Panning in High-Dimensional State Spaces by Exploiting Sparsity and Calculation Re-Use"
Levin, Mark, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Design of an Agricultural Modular Task-Based Robot"
Manor, Rotem, Ph.D |Supervisor: Bruckstein, Alfred M.
"Gathering and Guidance of Multi-Agent Systems"
Nusbaum, Uriel, M.Sc |Supervisor: Halevi, Yoram
"Path Design and High-Level Control of Redundant Manipulators"
Ovechkin, Vladimir, M.Sc |Supervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"Bundle Adjustment with Feature Scale and Constrains for Enhanced Estimation Accuracy"
Shenkar, Liron, ME |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"The Effect of Orchard Heterogeneity on Navigating an Autonomous Vehicle for Agricultural Tasks"
Wasserman, Omer, ME |Supervisor: Kimmel, Ron
"A Comparison Study of 3D Object Reconstruction using Multi-Dimensional Scaling and Shape from Motion"
Yona, Guy, Ph.D |Supervisors: Kahn, Itamar ; Shoham, Shy
"Novel Tools for Probing the Motor Control System in Behaving Animals"


Achache, Yonathan, M.Sc |Supervisors: Gat, Amir; Elimelech, Yossef
"On the Annual Cycle of a Hovering Hummingbird Wing An Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics Perspective"
Aharoni, Tal, M.Sc |Supervisor: Brosh, Inbar
"Computational Platform for Portable Holographic Vision Restoration Neural Interfaces"
Ben-Shoushan, Yaniv, M.Sc |Supervisor: Zelazo, Daniel
"Negotiation between Dynamical Systems with Connectivity Constraints"
Denenberg, Elad, Ph.D |Supervisor: Gurfil, Pini
"Intelligent Distributed Satellites"
Dovrat, David, M.Sc |Supervisor: Bruckstein, Alfred M.
"Gathering & Control of Unicycle A(ge)nts with Crude Bearing-Only Sensing Capabilities"
Elfasi, Roei, M.Sc |Supervisors: Gat, Amir; Elimelech, Yossef
"Interaction between Two Closely-Spaced Waving Slender Elastic Cylinders Immersed in a Viscous Fluid "
Gaathon, Adar, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Improving Stability and Reaching Absolute Destinations for the Conservative SLIP Model"
Guy, Itay, ME |Supervisor: Indelman, Vadim
"POS Estimation Using CNN for Landing a Quadrocopter on a Ship"
Livshitz, Igor, M.Sc |Supervisors: Katz, Reuven; Rotstein, Hector
"Development of a Navigation System for a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle"
Navon, Amir, ME |Supervisor: Rivlin, Ehud
"Detection and Tracking of Human and Fall Detection Using the Pioneer 3 Robot"
Refael, Gilad, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Design and Modeling of a Minimalistic Robotic Swimmer "
Rozenheck, Oshri, M.Sc |Supervisor: Zelazo, Daniel
"Distance-Constrained Formation Tracking Control "
Shambi, Dotan, M.Sc |Supervisors: Katz, Reuven; Gilan, Arnon
"Electrical System Engineering for a Small Autonomous Underwater Vehicle"
Tuchner, Alon, M.Sc |Supervisor: Haddad, Jack
"Vehicle Platoon Formation using Interpolating Control"


Levinsky, Alexandra, M.Sc |Supervisors: Kahn, Itamar ; Shoham, Shy
"Holographic Fiber Bundle System for Patterned Optogenetic Activation of Large-Scale Neuronal Networks"
Shaviv, Eliya, |Supervisors: Landesberg, Amir; Gutman, Per-Olof
"Modeling and Analysis of the Integrated Work of a Synchronized Cardiac Assist Device and the Failing Heart "


Alpert, Lior, M.Sc |Supervisor: Halevi, Yoram
"Minimum Energy Control of Redundant Robots"
Maor, Raz, M.Sc |Supervisor: Gurfil, Pini
"Optimal Self-Organization and Self-Assembly in Multi-Robot Systems "
Moreno Hirshfeld, Coral, M.Sc |Supervisors: Gurfil, Pini; Ribak, Erez
"Stellar Intensity Interferometry Using Autonomous Nanosatellites "
Shemer, Natan, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Minimalistic Control Strategies for Damped and Undamped SLIP-Based Dynamic Running Robots"
Turgeman, Avraham, M.Sc |Supervisor: Degani, Amir
"Sensor Data Fusion of a Redundant Dual Platform Robot for Terrain Mapping "