Dori, Dov

History Highlights:
  • Dov Dori, Fellow IEEE, INCOSE, and IAPR, is Professor of Software and Systems Engineering and Head of the Enterprise Systems Modeling Laboratory at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He has intermittently been Visiting Professor at MIT, where he holds an adjunct position with the Systems Design and Management graduate program. Since 1993, when Dr. Dori invented Object-Process Methodology (OPM), he has been central to the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering. OPM is the first conceptual modeling language and methodology recognized as ISO 19450:2015. Prof. Dori has authored over 380 highly cited publications. He has supervised over 50 graduate students in Israel and USA, of whom 13 are faculty members in several countries. Prof. Dori has chaired nine international conferences. He was Associate Editor of IEEE T-PAMI and Systems Engineering, and Co-Chair of the IEEE Society on SMC, TC on Model-based Systems Engineering. His 2002 book on OPM has been cited over 600 times. His book on Model-Based Systems Engineering is the basis for MBSE MOOC edX professional certificate program. His research has been funded by public and industrial sponsors, including the EU, Whirlpool, and Airbus. He has received various research and innovation awards and is a member of Omega Alpha Association - International Honor Society for Systems Engineering.
Research Interests:
  • Model-based Systems Engineering
  • Conceptual modeling of complex systems systems architecture and design
  • Software and systems engineering systems biology
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